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Join the Nice Girls Club! I saw the logo for nice girls club and I immediately was drawn to it.

The Nice Girl Course

I needed to have it… The jacket, the patches, everything. I went home and sewed it on my favorite jean jacket right away. And inside I was that excited little girl jumping up and down that just wanted to belong. I grew up a tomboy in the counter culture of Venice beach, skateboarding, applying fake tattoos, watching the weekend warriors flock to the sand. This was the building blocks that formed my unique backbone.

Tough and sun-kissed, but always a nice girl.

ALL THE NICE GIRLS - behindthelines

Now as a mid thirty something tattooed girl who rides motorcycles, sometimes you give off a different impression to those with closed eye judgments. They take the time to listen to who I actually am, and we both walk away with a smile.

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Nice girls club for life. The nice girls club means so much to me. Thank you for letting me ramble a little about it. And thank you even more for creating this space for all of us misfits to call home.

All the Boys in Khaki Get the Nice Girls

The nice girl course was interesting, enjoyable and challenging, it has enabled me to become kinder towards myself leading to improvements in my sense of self worth and self esteem. I absolutely loved journalling β€” I was amazed at the clarity that this brought with it and is something I intend to keep up. It opened my eyes to the fact that I deserve to do this work on myself because I am worth the investment! I actually feel quite profoundly changed and cannot wait to continue β€” it feels like the course has enabled me to take control of some issues that I have struggled with for decades.

The Power of Nice Girls (r/NiceGirls)

If this resounds in any way. This course? What will the course do? How the course works: There are six sessions to the course. Sessions 1 β€” The Nice Girl problem : Why this course matters to you.

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The three elements of The Nice Girls sessions: Thoughts : This section gives you insight and gets you thinking. In my retirement I have published seven novels, and under my pen name I have written another 32 romance novellas, some of which have been self-published. See you there!

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