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We can touch their surface, feel their weight. Objects have purpose. They do things that shape lives and events.

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Those aluminum cups that we always pulled out for outdoor picnics The mixing bowls in the kitchen, the colored blocks we stacked as toddlers, the funnies from the Detroit Free Press. Dictatorship is always a bad solution. Violence is always a bad solution. Keep democracy alive. Fight for democracy, for freedom, for peace. Dargols himself worried about the day when all the veterans will be gone. The other was a victim. How their grandsons now create art together.

Edokko means child of Edo — Tokyo's former name. He was the son of Russian Jewish musicians who fled persecution during the Bolshevik Revolution, then moved around the world as Adolf Hitler began his rise — from Germany to France and, in , to Japan, where Shapiro was born. Young speaks with Shapiro about his life and experiences during the war. Memoirs used to be the territory of the famous, the intrepid, or the afflicted. Today, everyone's getting into the act, often with the help of a personal historian. Our Storied Lives: Narrating, Navigating Adversity about how we change our stories as life changes us.

The tales we tell hold powerful sway over our memories, behaviors and even identities, according to research from the burgeoning field of narrative psychology. Do check out these photos, and read about the project: Photo project gives voice to 'backbone of America' Wayne Drash, CNN, , with video, photos, text. What's Yours?

Shortly before Connie Dunlap died in October, she sat in front of a camera focused in a tight close-up and talked about her faith and how it shaped her battle against cancer Ken Kurita of Videon Productions teared up as he showed a video taken of his father, Dr. Kenji Kurita, who died in January. Then one man got him talking. David Montero, Los Angeles Times, Only of the ship's crew made it out alive.

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Sometimes memories are so painful that it takes patience and time to get the storyteller to let them unfold. Can someone provide publishing details? How I found the report cards, and how they changed my life. Searching for Marie Garaventa 3. Lucille Fasanalla saved the romper she made as a student at Manhattan Trade her whole life.

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Making stuffed animals for John and Caroline Kennedy. Rose Vrana is She went to trade school in the s. I found her report card. Then I found her 7. The saddest story in the report cards I found—and how it came to have a happy ending. Cook, Philadelphia Inquirer, philly. The result is a moving portrait of him. That is how I get through things. Roode, Modern Heirloom Books, We all take pictures of the milestones, big and little: the first days of school, the first lost tooth, high school graduation, and of course, birthdays.

But what of the everyday moments? The in-between that, really, is the essence of our lives? Louis Post-Dispatch, May Then the whole episode became an exhibit.

  2. Plunge (The Adventures of Art Carlson Book 2).
  3. Lincoln's Yarns and Stories, by Alexander K. Mcclure?

A New York Times investigation uncovers some of their stories and the failings of the system that put them there. She finds typing to be easier than holding a pen to write, but still saw her blog as private diary. How reminiscing and remembering the past helps seniors. Bohanek for Journal of Family Life Bottom line: Children benefit from knowing about their relatives. Leiken, for her mother to answer each week.

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It then emails the questions to Ms. Mills, and when she replies, her answers go to her family and are stored on a website where they can read them privately. It is one of a handful of new companies focused on enabling people to collect their family histories. Jamison, Forbes, Capturing the founder's story of how a family firm developed and thrived, giving future generations a narrative and an account of core values, can help keep the family firm going. He died at age 56 some 40 years ago, but the sculptures still live.

Dance Anecdotes: Stories from the Worlds of Ballet, Broadway, the Ballroom, and Modern Dance

Southwestern Historical Quarterly, Vol. Listen to great interviews. State folklorist Claude Stephenson trimmed oral portraits down to words timed at 1. Danielsen, Part 2. Very helpful for beginning personal historians and their clients.

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This story of women secretly recruited during WWII to calculate weapons' trajectories for fighting U. See how she reacts. My Life Films combine music, photos, clips and interviews to celebrate the lives of those with dementia — and help carers build better patient relationships. This might explain why when one member of an older couple experiences a drop in cognitive function, the other soon follows.

Our memory systems are more of a shared resource than we realise. The patients often tell me that they've lost the thread of their own life stories: They can barely remember their pre-hospital lives and find it hard to imagine what might happen next. On a good day, storycare helps them to reclaim their sense of wonder and suspense--and, surprisingly, laughter--even in the midst of their suffering. Here are answers to frequently asked questions. Steve Pender's blog entry about African concept that you are truly dead when you are no longer remembered.

But now I am like a reporter with an empty notebook The past is a country that issues no visas. We can only enter it illegally We are each of us an endangered species. When we die, our species disappears with us. Nobody like us will ever exist again. Marcia Passos Duffy SeniorJournal. But get the stories before a person's memory fades, before those memories are gone forever. Writing anonymously, a happily pregnant but exhaustingly nauseated and hour "morning sick" young woman writes about the secrecy and denial with which countless women cloak their first trimester.