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Like demolishing buildings, eventually the strongholds will crumble to the ground and people will fall to their knees.

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There are three major components of the fortress, or prison. These are the things we will begin to call out in prayer and demolish as we pray over individuals. This word speaks of human reasonings, wisdom or logic. They hear what we are saying plus what they already believe. What they hear is filtered through a belief system — a veil that causes them to hear something totally different than what we may be communicating to them. They simply do not see the same image of Messiah that we do. To clearly see Him is to love and want him.

We need to pray for people and ask the Holy Spirit to remove the veils and tear down the logismos, allowing them to see clearly.

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Perhaps you already know what these logismoi are in the people you are praying for. If not, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal them to you. When He does, call them by name, quoting 2 Cor. By disobeying God, humankind, like satan, exalted themselves to a place of equality with the Most High. We became however, not the Most High but our own most high, filled with pride.

This word encompasses all mind-sets that exalt themselves against the knowledge of God and involve a desire to rule our own lives, decide for ourselves right and wrong and basically be our own god. Prayer War. One of the most accessible means of Spiritual warfare is the power of prayer, as exhibited by George Mueller. Faith is the main factor in prayer warfare, do you really believe God is able to answer prayer?

So how can you be involved in prayer warfare? One place to start is the missionaries; they are often front-line workers, who are representing the kingdom of God, to the lost. They need prayer support, especially because they are assaulting Satan domain. Get specific information, which can be used during your prayer time. Find out such items as;. What are their greatest struggles?


What risks do they face? Specific names of souls and families who are seeking? To can pray for their salvation. Do they need materials, finances, help? Can they send you pictures? The goal here is to take the missionary before the throne of God, in the process you are empowering God to intercede, through your prayers. God works through the prayers of His people, we are told to bring everything to God in prayer Phil.

Intercessory Prayer. All around us souls are seeking God, yet Satan has them captive in blindness. As an intercessor, we have the ability to take a soul before the throne of God and plead for salvation.

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Through the blood of Christ, we have direct access to Heaven. To be involved in this aspect of warfare, start by collecting names of people who are lost. Ask those around you who are witnessing or working with people, find out who needs prayer for salvation. Intercede for their soul, before the throne of God. Also find out, who might be struggling with their walk, pray for them to endure. Satan wants to disable saints, taking away authority.

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Pulling down strongholds in spiritual realms. Our work is not limited by physical terrain. We do not have to be in a location, to be involved in the spiritual realms. Remember our battle is against principalities and rulers in heavenly realms. For example we can pray for believers in countries where there is persecution. We can pray for angelic intervention, we can empower the Kingdom of Heaven, against demonic strongholds.

Territorial strongholds. In Matthew 28 , Jesus was given all authority in Heaven and on Earth, we have access to that authority. Our problem is our lack of faith, are we willing to use the authority we have? You can start by getting specific information about the region, what is happening there? How many Christians are there? A great place to start is a book called Operation World [2] by Patrick Johnstone and Jason Mandryk, containing over pages of vital prayer information, for the prayer warrior.

False Arguments and mental strongholds. Satan also works in this world by creating false doctrines, working through cults. We can pray for their downfall, we can pray their foundations crumble, since souls are entrapped by their false doctrines. We can ask the Lord of the Harvest to send the workers, to pull down these strongholds. To be involved in this type of warfare, get specific information to take before the throne of God.

Ask the Lord to equip saints to combat heretical teachings.

Choose a stronghold and take it to the Lord in prayer, some examples,. Some examples here are;. Taking authority around us. We have authority from Christ, we need to learn how to use the authority, we already have. One of the best training grounds is the world around us.

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When we come to Christ, we have the awesome promise of Heaven, why keep such a good thing to yourself. Around each of us, is a lost and dying world. Lets exercise the authority we have in the world God has placed us. Start by collecting names of people around you,. People around me, family, friends, work, etc. Begin to pray for their salvation. Ask God to fill you with love and compassion for the lost. Pray God that eternity becomes real to you Pray that you take the position serious, its a matter of eternal life of death.

Expanding our personal victories. Have you overcome strongholds in your life? Maybe God has called you to help others with a similar stronghold. Maybe God wants you to use your experience, to rescue people trapped, people who are today, where you were. This might include, Alcohol, drugs, gambling, abortion, pornography, money, pride and more. Once you have been freed, its might be your calling to engage in Spiritual warfare, in these very same issues. You can partner with people who have experienced like events and form a ministry. Or you can join a ministry, already working with people.

Attacking strongholds. One area of Spiritual warfare, you might choose is front line work, allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to lead you into the enemy camp. Examples of this work include missionaries , track ministry and outreach ministries. Missionaries in Muslim countries, have to understand Islam to reach Muslims. Those who want to reach atheists or skeptics, should learn how to counter their arguments, and lead them to Christ. For example to reach this group, the warrior should learn to demonstrate the evidence of scripture.

He should also prove, why belief in God is logical, based on cosmos and creation. Rescuing the lost. Another area of Spiritual warfare is the rescue of lost souls. This is the heart of Spiritual warfare. Because Satan has blinded the minds of the lost, therefore the core of every soldier of the Lord is bringing people to Christ.

Since this is the case, we need to know how to lead someone to Christ. Being able to explain the Gospel step by step, is essential to winning souls to Christ. Wherever we are, we represent Christ, if we learn to make ourselves available to people, the Spirit will send the lost our way.

To get involved in this aspect of Spiritual warfare, approach God, with prayer and supplication. You might want to ask the Lord for the following. Pray the Lord gives you a love for lost humanity.