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Twenty five years passed.

Horn of Plenty (Horn of Venus)

I had heard much and as a boy had searched for this famous mine. Samuel Parker, who was with the party, returned to Canyon Creek. He visited at my home.

He discussed their trip with my mother and grandmother. He was then a man of 65 or 70 years of age. We mapped the country and the folks agreed on most of the points passed and many of the incidents of the long journey. But there was one point of difference. It was the grave; the grave of Sarah E. Fisher maintained that the gold was found three days before the death of Mrs. Chambers, and Parker argued that it was three days after. Three days before would put the party at the head of Willow Creek, a gold district; three days after would put the party near Drewsey or beyond and there has never been any gold found along the trail here until the head of Trout Creek and this is miles, too far for a three days journey of ox teams.

The grave is six miles east of the mouth of Crane Creek. Three days before that the mysterious gold mine was found and lost. But why do these people remember that it was three days before? The gloom of death was cast over the train. Two reasons: first, a member of the party was stricken with a fever; secondly, the cattle were lost.

Stolen Child

Three of the young men went out in search of the stock. They walked all day in their search and well along in the late afternoon came to a small stream. In the shade they lay down; in the cool waters of the stream they quenched their thirst. These men knew nothing of gold, yet with instinct that seems born in man they were attracted by the virgin metal that like pebbles lined the creek.

When they left, they turned their backs on the Blue Bucket Mine, and it is not recorded, although we hope that when they lost the Blue Bucket Mine, they found their oxen. There were no tin buckets then, they all carried wooden buckets and they were painted to preserve them and all pioneers will remember that they were painted a bright blue as were most of the wagons.

cornucopia a journey through the mountains of gold Manual

Fisher says the boys had 15 or 20 pieces. This incident was forgotten by Mrs. Fisher until she arrived in California and during the years of and she was reminded of the incident that occurred that day Mrs. Chambers was stricken with a fever, and the oxen strayed. How much was there of it? Buckets of it, blue buckets. Is that not enough to start the prospector? And was it not the California prospector who came to this part of Oregon — whole trains of them — and through the years the search has gone on and will continue until some old prospector, weary of foot, tired of life, drinks out of the same pool where copper, that turned to gold, was found.

And that place is a three days ox journey from the grave of Sarah E. Look on the head of Willow Creek. Yes, it is on the head of Willow Creek, or some small stream where the oxen strayed. But how are we to know that this is a grave? Clue enough. I was then a lad of 18; Mr. Parker about He knew; I believed; we started.

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We started and connected our story with the grave of Dr. Fisher some 13 miles east of Vale. Parker recognized the Hot Springs and all the incidents connected with the parting of the ways of the villan Joe not Steve Meek. Yes, there was a love affair, a birth, a fight, suspicion, envy, jealousy was in this story, just like it is in every day life.

But around the campfire where the old immigrant train had come to discord and friends who were never seen again turned south, he told me that if we could find the grave of a woman, we would find buckets of gold — blue buckets. We followed the old trail, H. On we passed. For miles we followed that old trail but were out of the gold belt, so we retraced and to a point about 6 miles east of where Crane Creek meets the Malheur we found the grave of Mrs.

I have since been to the grave a number of times. Others have been there.

A wagontire marks the boundaries of the grave, and there is scrap iron just below the sod. On the end gate of an old wagon is a name.

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It had been scratched into the wood. With my knife I followed the letter. The tooth of time had gnawed its way into this solid slab of oak until the letters were quite obliterated and from my own personal inspection I read the words either Mary or Sarah E. Chambers or Chamberlain. Three days before this woman died, gold was found, but where? We searched. We went back and forth on this trail, but maybe we missed it by a hundred yards — maybe a mile.

Maybe nature uncovered those golden sands and gravel to the sight of the three whose only mission was oxen, and then with a water spout hid them from the quest of the old prospector who alone is content to hunt, and hunt, and pass on hoping, hoping, hoping. And really it would be cruel to find that which would forever still the hope that lures men on and on and even on until they come to the great divide yonder slopes which are paved with gold. None are the real Blue Bucket. It is believed to be somewhere near the John Day River system.

I Search For Gold On Mountain!

It could be in fact, be a very exaggerated tale. If it does exists it is believed to be in a dry creek bed or canyon with pit-holes and deep cavities. It could also be that it was found already in a place like Canyon City or John Day. Forty thousand square miles is a huge area to search if you go looking for the Legend of the Lost Blue Bucket. Oregon gold locations and information. Many of the mines and locations are mentioned for the purpose of providing mining history and may be privately owned and posted.

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