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Weber Illustrator 0. It also can be selfish because they say and do so much hurtful stuff, it makes it impossible for the other person to just move on from it.

Dark Zodiac Signs: What Your Dark Side Is According To Your Horoscope

Usually the type to laze around, quit their job, not bother looking for a job, not wanting to attend social outings and school. They hate plans and but hate spontaneity. It makes it hard to live with Sagittarius because they can be lazy with housework and genera day to day things, leaving them till last minute or doing it when they want. Stop spending sis.

The Dark-sided Sagittarius Male - Hypocritical Whores

Watch them coins. Sagittarius love the idea of love, being in love forever future thinking with a partner. But can never settle long term. At first things start fiery and passionate.

Darkside Zodiac: Aries

The longer and perfect it is, the more bored Sagittarius gets. They want freedom and no restriction.

3. They can be blunt and rude.

This can make them hard to commit or stay in a relationship. Just as you start to love them and let them in. Sagittarius can disappear as fast as they came into your life.

Sagittarius hate being suspected of things and wrongly accused, but it can be hard as they are not always honest and can sometimes be very sly. Their attention, passion, and emotion is all for you. Let it come naturally. Sagittarius have a big ego.

Darkside Zodiac: Sagittarius - eBook -

Very confident, very vain, constantly speak about how great they are and whatnot. A Sagittarius favourite topic is themselves. They become bitter, angry, mean people. They mix their honesty and bluntness, with resentment, insecurity and anger and project it onto others. They want others to feel the way they feel.

12 Zodiac Signs Reborn As Terrifying Monsters By Damon Hellandbrand

They can sometimes be mean on purpose in order to feel better about themselves. I am a 22 year old, self taught astrologer from London. I got into astrology when I first liked someone and struggled to read everything about them.

I wanted everything to be as transparent as possible, seeing as reading them was like attempting to read hieroglyphics. Long story short, it ended. But I got into a longer and better relationship. People may think that you are tactless, but being a Sagittariusyou have a weird personality,but that also makes you achieve whatever you want in your life.

You are Fiery, but a transformer with your dark side; ruthless, but have the courage to stand in tough circumstances with the dark and mystical power of the Nakshatra. Let us see yourmore Dark sides, but also what the amazing Arrow in your Quiver for your Bow makes forthe best in Sagittarius. Login Sign Up.

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