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Refresh and try again. Clara 's review Sep 17, This brilliantly written and researched book brings into sharp focus the dark blue empty expanse that we glimpse from our airplane windows, or more likely see on our screens as we glide slowly by. We might think that expanse has nothing to do with us, but anyone reading this book will soon discover otherwise. The facts and numbers revealed are truly astounding, covering anything from the sheer volume of stuff transported, to the capture of ships by Somali pirates, and practices within the industry or lack of that make life on land seem like a positive paradise.

The anchor to the book that holds its parts together is George's journey aboard a cargo ship from Felixstowe to Singapore. With her expertly honed and evocative style, she manages to bring out all the colour in the day-to-day drudgery of the sea life that she was able to experience first-hand, and all that she learnt from the crew who were her only company for five weeks. She seamlessly weaves this with a historical exploration of life at sea and in the ports, focusing perhaps most importantly on what it means to be a seaman in the modern day, and imbuing the reader with a newfound respect for those that do this brave, lonely, and often thankless job.

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My only criticism and it is a minor one is the title, which I found vaguely misleading. And though the book is deeply revealing in an array of aspects, those wanting to learn about the nuts and bolts of the shipping industry specifically, could be forgiven for wanting a little more detail than the title might suggest. But as a highly informative and at times un-put-down-able travelog mixed in with a broad sweeping hand over shipping and life at sea, this book is first class. Reading Progress. September 17, — Shelved as: to-read.

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September 24, — Shelved as: non-fiction. January 8, — Shelved as: reviewed-books. Sep 21, AM. In order to save fuel, the ship crawls.

Deep Sea and Foreign Going

The crew spend much of their time hosing salt off the cargo or oiling the engines. The view alternates between the sea and the blank walls of the containers. Leisure hours are scarce and spent watching DVDs or playing computer games. In fact, turnaround times in port have been so squeezed and security so tightened that merchant sailors can no longer even expect to see the world. Trips on dry land are often limited to nearby special shops and portside bars.

Down to the Sea in Ships. Biggest ship in the world. Inside the secretive world of container shipping.

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Sea no evil: the life of a modern sailor. In a deeply researched and compelling section on modern piracy, George goes beyond the headlines to produce a more nuanced — if still crazier — picture where tangled webs of insurers, international law, ship ownership and flags of convenience, coupled with a reluctance or inability of local law enforcement to intervene and prosecute, result in 80 per cent of captured pirates being released without charge, while kidnapped hostages are left for months in limbo.

In voting Somali piracy as its best business model of , Harvard Business School may have scored points for cool irony, but it can hardly justify the trauma of the 4, hostages taken captive between and , many of whom were beaten or starved, or the 67 deaths that were a cost of business.

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If anything, George under-represents the sheer strangeness of this world of unanchored, effectively stateless men. Rather, it is a kind of supranational anarcho-capitalist enterprise, ruthlessly pragmatic and with weak governance, presided over in the main by Greek, German and Japanese tycoons.

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