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It will thus be seen that this pioneer family has been pretty well honored by their adopted county. Barnd was born in Somerset County, Penn. He located on the east half of the southeast quarter of Section 13, where he has ever since resided. Barnd was the first justice elected for Allen Township, and served continuously in that office from to He reared a family of eleven children, ten of whom are living. His wife died March 29, , after a happy married life of more than half a century.

Squire Barnd is one of the few living pioneers to whom the writer is indebted for much important information relating to early events in this portion of the State. George Ensminger settled on the east half of the southeast quarter of Section 12, while his son, Michael, located on the northwest quarter of Section 7. In George Ensminger built a saw-mill on Portage Creek, which proved a useful appendage to the settlement.

He reared a large family, and both he and his wife died upon the old homestead. None of the children are residents of this county. Charles Baker, of Fairfield County, Ohio, built his cabin on the northeast quarter of Section 8, in , where he died. The widow and family went back to Fairfield County, whence in after years one of the sons, George A. Hugh Gilchrist took up his residence the same year on the northwest quarter of Section 13, and there resided till his death. The family went West soon after this event. Peter Hockenberry was a noted hunter, who located on the northwest quarter of Section 19, in He subsequently removed into what is now Portage Township, thence to Henry County, but afterward returned and died in Hancock.

He farmed very little, most of his time being devoted to the chase. The first two mentioned were brothers-in-law, Mr.

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Weisel having married Jane Dorset', and both were natives of Pennsylvania. Weisel settled on the southeast quarter of Section 2, where both he and his wife died in or They were the parents of ten children, six of whom survive. Here Allen, now a resident of the township, was born in February, , being one of the first births in the settlement.

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He reared a family of seven children, four of whom survive, Allen and Cordelia being residents of the township, where both the father and mother died. Peter Heller, of Wayne County, Ohio, settled on the southeast quarter of Section 25, in , and the same year was elected justice of Portage Township, and re-elected in He finally sold his farm, and removed to Indiana. Henry Rader, a native of Virginia, settled in on Section 13, where his son, Adam, now lives. Both he and his wife died in this township. The first mentioned located in Section 14, in February, , and there a son, Daniel C.

Warner died at the home of this son in Portage Township, in John Gilchrist located permanently near his brother Hugh in , though he was in the county and voted in October, Soon after coming the Gilchrists went out one night "coon" hunting, and treed a "coon" about a mile and a half northwest of Van Buren. It became necessary to fell the tree, which, in falling, brought down another, the latter striking and killing the twelve-year old son of John Gilchrist, and injuring the father so badly that he died two days after the unfortunate occurrence, leaving a wife and five small children!

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Christopher Ernsperger was a son-in-law of George Ensminger, and came about two years after the latter. He subsequently removed from the county.

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William Dorsey came to the county about the same time as his brother David, or soon afterward. He is still a resident of the township. Isaac Wolf settled in Section 25, where he resided until his death.

Two of his sons, David and John, are living in the county, the former in Findlay. James Moorhead, of Stark County, Ohio, built his cabin on the southwest quarter of Section 26, in His wife, Agues, died there, and he married again. He reared a large family, and now makes his home with his daughter in Eagle Township. John Raney settled in Section 23 in , but soon moved away. Josiah Moorhead came in , and settled in Section John Hardy moved in from Cass Township in , and resided here till his death, in He was one of the pioneer school teachers of the township, and for more than twenty-five years taught during the winter seasons.

He was a member of the Methodist Church after his marriage with Martha Orr, in l , and settled in what is now Cass Township in , whence he removed to Portage now Allen four years afterward. Hardy was the father of five children, two of whom are residents of the county.

His widow died in Others may have come in-prior to , but if so, careful research has failed to discover their names,. First Electors. The last two mentioned never settled in the township, but were staying here temporarily at that time, and were allowed to vote.

Heller, J. McCaughey, Philip Barman. Robert Thornburg, G. Barnd, John H. Spitler and Thomas Briggs. The last two mentioned are the present incumbents of the office.

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Early Schools. It stood in the center of the road now occupying the section line between 13 and 14, and was built of round logs, covered with a clapboard roof, had greased paper windows and a huge fireplace in one end. The Bryans, Trouts, Burmans, Ensmingers,. Barnds, Gilchrists, Warners and Raders attended this school, which was the only one in the settlement for several years, excepting one on the farm of James Moorhead, which was also opened at an early day.

The pupils attending the latter, however, were principally from what is now Portage Township, and the pioneers of Allen scarcely remember it. With the growth of population more schoolhouses became a necessity, and from time to time districts were organized and schools opened.

There are now nine good school buildings in Allen, that in Van Buren having two rooms,. The Presbyterians of this vicinity have since generally attended services here. The old building has been replaced by a substantial brick one, more in harmony with the times. George Van Eman was the earliest pastor of this congregation, which embraced many of the pioneers previously spoken of in this chapter, besides those in Portage and Cass.

The old frame is now used as a dwelling.

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Meetings were held at the houses of members until the erection of the present building in Van Buren, which has since been used. The United Brethren erected their church in Van Buren in , while the German Lutheran and Reformed denominations purchased and fitted up the old frame schoolhouse in Van Buren.

These are the only churches in the township, and most of them have good-sized congregations,. It was named in honor of Martin Van Buren, who at that time was one of the eminent public men of the nation. Several buildings were put up at once, and for a time the little village became quite a busy point; but after a season of prosperity its growth came to a standstill, and it has never got further than a small country town.

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A post office was established in the village in , and the following postmasters have held the office: Dr. George Springer, John Zarbaugh, S. Heller, C. Wilkinson, Lewis Michaels, Dr.

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Wells, Daniel Frick, L. Solomon Zarbaugh, H. Hartman, John Lee and Mrs, E. Wells, In June, , Van Buren was incorporated. His successors have been C. Doug spent 27 years as an outfitter, staring down the high waters of the Selway River and the Middle Fork of the Salmon. He was also president of the IOGA, the outfitter trade organization. When the Outdoor Idaho crew visited Campbell's Ferry this summer, here's what Doug had to say about outfitting:.

And that soul-expanding experience goes home with people and allows them to be the champions for wild places in the future. Campbell's Ferry, on the Main Salmon River. Almost Canada photo by Chuck Cathcart. Helicopter fly-overs of the new McClure-Jerry Peak wilderness That's right, our 34 th season! Not too many shows can claim that milestone. Each of these programs presents a fascinating cross section of people and places, something viewers have come to expect from Idaho's award-winning series. And this summer is when much of the actual shooting occurs.

These are people you wouldn't mind getting lost with With so much public land in the state, Idaho has become a national leader in the management of this important industry. We'll explore some of the issues facing lawmakers, federal agencies, and the outfitting licensing board. But we'll also take you deep into the world of the outfitter, profiling river runners, hunters, anglers, and packers in their favorite parts of the state. It's kind of a different world up there, eh? We have more designated wilderness than any state except Alaska and California. In , Congress added another square miles to the mix, in a place most of us refer to as the Boulder-White Clouds.

Of course, it's a bit more complicated than that, and we'll take you on an hour journey into the heart of America's three newest designated wildernesses: the White Clouds; the Hemingway-Boulders; and the McClure-Jerry Peak wilderness.