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Yes Shauna Balenciaga. She calls herself a companion to the elite and an actress. I follow her on Facebook and she leads an interesting life. I love when she post Facebook videos in Dubai. She's always hanging out with rich Arab men. My first introduction to her was a ballroom throwback YouTube video. She and the host, along with my favorite Kelly Mizrahi and another trans woman rode a private jet from New York to California. The owner of the plane was supposedly a music mogul that Shauna was dating.

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A recent live video from a month or so ago she mentioned that everyone knows that she does drugs and it's no big deal. That was disturbing, but she does lead a fast life and many times drugs go hand in hand with the party lifestyle. As a biological heterosexual woman, I live for their YouTube videos. I find the ballroom community and trans women so interesting.

Jul 3, Very jealous of Amiyah Scott. I see her on my explore page every now and then. I believe she said she grew up in Guam? Her mother is from Guam and her father is black I believe. She had mutlipe black market surgeries. She had cheeks injections and she got beat up for being trans and it messed up her face so now she has chipmunk cheeks. She also escorts but is trying to become a actress. Sydney starr and her just got into it the other day and are no longer friends. They both are attention seekers but Shauna is more tolerable than Sydney.

Shauna is at least kinda funny.

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Those were cute. I agree with a poster above that she now doesn't acknowledge people from that period of her life, I know she once ran a "girlfriend experience" website offering her services, got beat up by two boyfriends post transitioning who were afraid their boys would find out that she was trans they knew full damn well Home: Kevin Cell: Tracy Cell: xcellivestock gmail. Although her family had only a where she hangs her cowboy hat while modest connection to the dairy business, she won the title of working around cattle and horses.

She got her first bred fondly remembers getting up at 3 a. She was a private pilot dad, when she was 10 years old. Even herself up until about five years ago, and while Simmental is her though she and her husband Jack have been retired from the preferred breed, to demonstrate she has no particular bias, she purebred Simmental business for more than 20 years, they still is currently the CEO of the Canadian Gelbvieh Association. That would be okay with her.

My heifer died during calving, so that was an early Dalemead, just east of Calgary, has been around the agriculture lesson in the life and death aspect of the business. However my industry since the get go. She started working with the Calgary brothers each kept their heifers for the next 10 to 12 years, which Stampede in the earlier years, later raised purebred Simmental was the start of their beef herds. She never did work for a lawyer, but instead got a job as the secretary to the Livestock Manager of the Calgary Stampede, and was directly involved in helping organize and manage livestock events.

From there, it was on to the Royal Bank where she served as the personal assistant to a group of six assistant managers at the main branch. With that slight dairy connection, she competed for, and won the title as the Alberta Dairy From there she went on to win the title as Canadian Dairy Princess in , and later represented Canada in France at the Miss World Food Competition where she placed second runner up. With their farm located near the confluence of the Bow and Highwood Rivers, they produced crops and ran commercial cattle.

He also purchased a Stearman spray plane and did commercial crop spraying.

Gaylene and Jack along with Chuck and his wife Lorraine together managed, and built the beef herd over the next few years. Along with the beef business and farming, Gaylene and Jack were also raising their young family of three daughters. Chuck and Lorraine kept two-thirds of the purebred cattle in their Highwood Land and Cattle Company, and Gaylene and Jack took one-third of the purebreds along with the commercial cattle and formed G5 Cattle Company.

By Gaylene and Jack were running about head of purebred Simmental cattle.

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Along with helping Jack with farm chores, she also looked after the record keeping. With family, 4-H, and cattle, the Groenevelds were also cropping about 6, acres of grain land with the help of three hired workers, and Jack was also operating an aerial crop spraying service.

Along with daily farm and ranch chores, they had to prepare cattle for the annual spring bull sales. Some were sold by private treaty, but they also brought bulls to the annual Calgary Bull Sale and a sale in High River, Alberta as well. They hosted four purebred female sales as well over the years. In the early s they were also showing purebred Simmental. Then at U. Along with their own cattle and shows, Groeneveld was also active in promoting the Simmental breed. She was one of the early members of the Simmental Belles.

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It was a group of ladies all involved in the Simmental breed who formed at Agribition one year to help promote the breed through The group continued for several years, then disbanded in the late s. Simmental Association based magazine called the Simmental Trail for five year, before turning her publishing talent towards the Simmental Country magazine, which she published for three years.

She was also involved in event planning. Her daughter, Kim, who is a graphic artist worked with her in the business before taking it over full time.


Shauna brooks

Next Groeneveld began helping out in the Canadian Gelbvieh Association office in Calgary about 12 years ago. Along with family, cattle, and farming, Groeneveld found time for many other activities as well. She was a volunteer with the Calgary Stampede for 33 years, involved with the Beef Cattle Committee for much of that time.

Poody feat. Shawna "BABYGIRL"

She also helped to initiate the International Youth Committee, which now provides large The Simmental breed has evolved considerably over the past 30 scholarships to young people furthering their education in years, says Groeneveld. The Simmental Association itself is using agriculture. She was involved with the 4-H on Parade program technology to improve and streamline the registration process. She also worked with the Alberta Simmental Genetic technology is being used to improve and simplify the Association as an events coordinator, helping organize the process to confirm parentage and bloodlines of cattle.

Simmental Show at Farmfair in Edmonton for the past dozen Breeders in all breeds including Simmental have done an years.