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Appleyard, is not allowed to go. Sara's close friend Miranda goes without her. When they arrive, the students lounge about and eat a lunch. Afterward, Miranda goes to climb the monolith with classmates Edith, Irma, and Marion despite being forbidden to do so. The girls' mathematics teacher, Greta McCraw, follows behind them separately. Miranda, Marion, and Irma climb still higher in a trance-like state while Edith flees in terror; she returns to the picnic in hysterics, disoriented and with no memory of what occurred.

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Miss McCraw is also nowhere to be accounted for except for being seen by Edith who passed her ascending the rock in her underwear. The school scours the rock in search of the three girls and their teacher, but they are not found. The disappearances provoke much local concern and international sensation with rape, abduction, and murder being assumed as probable explanations.

Several organized searches of the picnic grounds and the area surrounding the rock itself turn up nothing.

Meanwhile, the students, teachers and staff of the college, as well as members of the community, grapple with the riddle-like events. Mike Fitzhubert embarks on a private search of the rock and discovers Irma, unconscious and on the verge of death. When he fails to return from his search, he is found in an unexplained daze, sitting at the rock with Irma, by his friend and uncle's coachman, Albert Crundall. Concerned parents begin withdrawing their daughters from the prestigious college, prompting various staff to leave; the college's handyman and maid quit their jobs, and the French instructor, Mlle.

Dianne de Poitiers, announces that she will be getting married and leaving the college as well. A junior governess at the college, Dora Lumley, also leaves with her brother Reg, only for both to be killed in a hotel fire.


Amidst the unrest both in and around the college, Sara vanishes, only to be found days later, having apparently committed suicide her body was found directly beneath the school's tower, with her head "crushed beyond recognition". Appleyard, distraught over the events that have occurred, kills herself by jumping from a peak on Hanging Rock. In a pseudo-historical afterword purportedly extracted from a Melbourne newspaper article, it is written that both the college and the Woodend Police Station, where records of the investigation were kept, were destroyed by a bush fire in the summer of In , rabbit hunters came across a lone piece of frilled calico at the rock, believed to have been part of the dress of the governess, Miss Greta McCraw, but neither she nor the girls were ever found.

According to her editor Sandra Forbes, Lindsay's original draft of the novel included a final chapter in which the mystery was resolved.

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At her editor's suggestion, Lindsay removed it prior to publication. The chapter opens with Edith fleeing back to the picnic area while Miranda, Irma, and Marion push on. Each girl begins to experience dizziness and feel as if she is "being pulled from the inside out. This woman is not referenced by name and is apparently a stranger to the girls, yet the narration suggests she is Miss McCraw. Miranda loosens the woman's corset to help revive her.

Afterwards, the girls remove their own corsets and throw them off the cliff. The recovered woman points out that the corsets appear to hover in mid-air as if stuck in time, and that they cast no shadows. She and the girls continue together. The girls then encounter what is described as "a hole in space", by which they physically enter a crack in the rock following a lizard; the unnamed woman transforms into a crab and disappears into the rock.

Marion follows her, then Miranda, but when Irma's turn comes, a balanced boulder the hanging rock slowly tilts and blocks the way. The chapter ends with Irma "tearing and beating at the gritty face on the boulder with her bare hands. The missing material amounts to about 12 pages; the remainder of the publication The Secret at Hanging Rock contains discussion by other authors, including John Taylor and Yvonne Rousseau.

The suspension of the corsets and description of the hole in space suggest that the girls have encountered some sort of time warp , which is compatible with Lindsay's fascination with and emphasis on clocks and time in the novel. Lindsay claimed to have written the novel based on an idea she had in a dream.

In a article in The Age , it was noted: "The dream had centred on a summer picnic at a place called Hanging Rock, which Joan knew well from her childhood holidays. Joan told Rae [her housekeeper] that the dream had felt so real that when she awoke at 7. According to her housekeeper at the time, the events of the novel were dreamt by Lindsay successively. I just sort of thought about it all night and in the morning I would go straight up and sit on the floor, papers all around me, and just write like a demon!

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The novel was written over a total of two weeks at Lindsay's home in Mulberry Hill. So I think she channelled it into her writing. I know she was very interested in Arthur Conan Doyle and his belief in and theories about Spiritualism, nature and the existence of spirits. The novel was imported for sale in the United States, and would receive its first publication there in by Penguin Random House. Sandra Forbes, editor, on the novel's truth claim [5].

Picnic at Hanging Rock is written in the form of a true story , and even begins and ends with a pseudohistorical prologue and epilogue, reinforcing the mystery that has generated significant critical and public interest since its publication in The dates named in the novel do not correspond to actual dates in the calendar.

This would place it roughly 3. The total trip to Hanging Rock was about 7. When asked in a interview about whether or not the novel was based in truth, Lindsay responded: "Well, it was written as a mystery and it remains a mystery. If you can draw your own conclusions, that's fine, but I don't think that it matters.

I wrote that book as a sort of atmosphere of a place, and it was like dropping a stone into the water. I felt that story, if you call it a story—that the thing that happened on St. Valentine's Day went on spreading, out and out and out, in circles. In , in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the novel's publication, Australian student and researcher in social-engagement and public art Amy Spiers gained some attention with her "Miranda Must Go" campaign, criticizing the popularity of the novel in relation to local tourism at Hanging Rock, and what she perceives is a lack of attention to the area's historical connection with the Aborigines.

At the time, Luke Spielvogel, the president of Friends of Hanging Rock, noted that the novel and particularly, the character of Miranda, captured the "ethereal, mysterious nature of the rock". The novel was first printed in Australia by F. Cheshire , released on 1 November Picnic at Hanging Rock is considered by many critics to be one of the best Australian novels.

Forster 's A Passage to India , which has been interpreted as a metaphor for Pan , the Greek god of the wild: "There is more, of course, to A Passage to India than Pan motifs, for example symbols such as the snake, the wasp and the undying worm, not to mention the vast panorama of India's religions. Literary scholar Kathleen Steele argues in her essay "Fear and Loathing in the Australian Bush: Gothic Landscapes in Bush Studies and Picnic at Hanging Rock " that the novel's treatment of landscape and its missing characters is reflective of Australia's national history and the relationship between the rock and the Aboriginal population: "The silence surrounding Aborigines, and the manner in which Europeans foregrounded "geographical, historical and cultural difference and discontinuity," yet denied Aborigines either presence or history, created a gothic consciousness of "something deeply unknowable and terrifying in the Australian landscape.

Lindsay provokes a reflection on the understanding of Australia as an un-peopled land where nothing of consequence occurred until the British gave it a history. Steele further notes that Lindsay's "gothic landscapes raise doubts that the majority [of Australians] ever subscribed" to the notion that the country and its natural environment was unmarked by a history prior to the arrival of the British colony.

The first film adaptation of the book was a short by Tony Ingram, a fourteen-year-old filmmaker, who got permission from Joan Lindsay to adapt her book as The Day of Saint Valentine. However, only about ten minutes of footage was filmed before the rights were optioned to Peter Weir for his more famous feature-length version, and the production was permanently shelved.

The completed footage is included on some DVD releases of Weir's film.

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It became an early film of the Australian New Wave and is arguably Australia's first international hit film. Subsequently, it has had many productions in the US, Canada, and Australia. There have also been musical adaptations of the novel. A stage-musical adaptation, with book, music, and lyrics by Daniel Zaitchik, was scheduled to open in New York City in the fall of In , BBC Radio 4 broadcast a radio adaptation. On 6 September , it was announced that Fremantle Media and pay-TV broadcaster Foxtel were producing a six-part miniseries, to be broadcast in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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