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National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. Journal List Environ Health Insights v. Environ Health Insights.

Published online Aug Basil N. Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Abstract Human health and disease often demonstrate seasonal patterns.

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  • The Cold Dusty Harmattan: A Season of Anguish for Cardiologists and Patients.

Keywords: Harmattan, season, cold, dust, cardiovascular diseases. Introduction The environment impacts human health, just as human activities impact the environment. The Harmattan and Cardiovascular Diseases Cold weather and low temperature Our experience in Jos, Nigeria, is that during the Harmattan period, blood pressure rises among hypertensives, 9 along with a rise in admissions for congestive cardiac failure and cerebrovascular accident CVA. Lifestyle There is a widely held albeit faulty view that it is beneficial to use alcohol when the weather is cold to keep warm.

Infection In low temperatures, the respiratory tract is dried of mucus and the bare epithelium loses its first line of defense. Atmospheric dust pollution The Harmattan is not only associated with low temperature, but it also involves pollution of the atmosphere by the dust-laden northeast trade winds blowing across the Sahara desert. Remoundou K, Koundoun P. Environmental effects on public health: an economic perspective. Health effects from Sahara dust episodes in Europe: literature review and research gaps.

Environ Int. Coarse particles from Saharan dust and daily mortality.

Short term effects of particulate matter on total mortality during Saharan dust outbreaks: a case-crossover analysis in Madrid Spain Sci Total Environ. Saharan dust and associations between particulate matter and daily mortality in Rome, Italy.

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Environ Health Perspect. Harmattan dust: composition, characteristics and effects on soil fertility in Enugu, Nigeria. Br J Appl Sci Technol. Ogunseitan OA. Harmattan haze and environmental health.


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What do we know about effects of desert dust on air quality and human health in West Africa compared to other regions? Sci Total Environ. Okeahialam BN. Seasonal variation of blood pressure in hypertensive patients studied in a cardiology clinic setting. J Med Med Sci. Climatological elements and hospital admission from congestive cardiac failure and cerebrovascular accident in Jos, Nigeria. J Med Trop. Seasonality and daily weather conditions in relation to myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death in Olmsted County, Minnesota, to J Am Coll Cardiol.

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Blood pressure response to patterns of weather fluctuations and effects on mortality. Blood pressure response to thermoregulatory vasoconstriction during isoflurane and desflurane anesthesia. Acta Anaesthesiol Scand. Role of central angiotensin II receptors in cold-induced hypertension.

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Am J Hypertens. Reversibility of cold-induced hypertension after removal of rats from cold. Can J Physiol Pharmacol. Seasonal variations in blood pressure: a complex phenomenon. Editorial Comment J Hypertens. Rostard SG.

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Ultraviolet light may contribute to geographic and racial blood pressure differences. J Hypertens. Seasonal variation in chronic heart failure hospitalizations and mortality in France. Kupari M, Koskiren P. Seasonal variation in occurrence of acute atrial fibrillation and relation to air temperature and sale of alcohol. Am J Cardiol. Circannual variation of malignant ventricular tachyarrhythmias in patients with implantable cardioverter-defibrillators and either coronary artery disease or idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy.

Cold induced pulmonary oedema in scuba divers and swimmers and subsequent development of hypertension.

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Nicolau GY, Hans E. Chronobiology of the endocrine system. Harmattan na hot dry wind wey dey blow from east side for di Sahara. As di wind dey blow, e dey carry plenty dust wey go full air sotay you fit no see your front sef. Water dey very important and for harmattan, people suppose drink more sef. Another thing be say 60 percent of human being body na water. Doctor Okoro say dis one dey important because hair dey break sake of say e don dry from di weather anf even person leg fit just crack open. News Pidgin Plenti seshon. Better tips on how to fresh during Harmattan 5 January Find more information in the French pages of the website www.

Search in all website: Advanced research. All the current events News Institutional news Press releases Events Call for proposals, support grants. Strong Harmattan winds amplify meningitis epidemics November Scientific newssheets.