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We start with great art! Clip-Ons for your Spinner!

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Card 2: May God bless you this Christmas and always Card 2: A silent night, a star above, a blessed gift of hope and love. Embellishment: Glitter Embellishment: Foil We start with great art! Good Will to All. Embellishment: Glitter We start with great art! Please correct me if my understanding is wrong. Hi sdetweil2, thanks for your reply. Most of my previous LISA 7.

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Hallelujah (Lisa)

She's always chasing sleep, and she's self-medicating so heavily that I got a little woozy just reading about it. She knows she shouldn't and lies about it to her therapist: "I still don't tell her that I have been taking some creative mixture of Layla's pills and mine, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds.

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That I'm not sure how many I've been taking. No to mention the alcohol last night. I don't tell her that I passed out in the tub. Sins of omission. So although she believes she may have a stalker even she is unsure he's real. Then she comes home one day to the apartment she and Jack had planned to move into, where she's still camping, barely unpacked.

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She finds the door open and an orchid inside with a note: "I remember you. Don't you remember me? Add to the stalker, who now appears to be all too real, scraps of evidence from Jack's records and Poppy's brain that a mystery woman named Elena is a piece of the puzzle. Top it all off with a new love interest who has a strangely resonant past, plus occasional apparitions of Jack himself, and Poppy's peril escalates.

Unger steers her complex plot deftly, keeping the reader as off-balance as her narrator but just as invested as Poppy is in finding out what really happened to Jack, and what will happen to her. It's a story that will get under your skin indeed, and the shocks don't stop until the last page. Contact Colette Bancroft at cbancroft tampabay. Follow colettemb. Manage my subscription Activate my subscription Subscribe Log in Log out.

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