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Ruth accepts when Jim asks her out to dinner. When Jim comes to pick Ruth up, he discovers that she is not able to pay her hotel bill. Ruth finds out that her London accountant has stolen her money, leaving her penniless. She also realises that she will be unable to return to her two children back in England. Ruth is grateful to Jim and assures him that she will pay him back. Ruth befriends Jim's daughter, Lucy Kylie Flinker , and his mother-in-law, Helen Anne Haddy , but worries that she is outstaying her welcome.

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Ruth decides to sell a ring in order to pay Jim back, but he refuses to take the money. Jim then insists that she can stay as long as she needs to. Helen begins to resent having Ruth around after Ruth discovers that Lucy is faking an illness to get out of going to school. However, she admits that she is glad Jim has found someone who makes him happy. Ruth gets a bank loan, but does not tell Jim straight away. She later confesses that she was stalling because she did not want to leave him and his family.

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Ruth makes plans to return home, but Jim asks her to stay and they kiss. Ruth then decides to move back to Lassiter's, so the family can get used to their relationship. After a family dinner, Ruth is invited to move back in. She is flattered when Ted Gibbons Max Meldrum pays her some attention and when he reveals that he is going to visit England, Ruth suggests that they meet up. Jim admits that he does not love Ruth, but that he cares for her. Ruth tells Jim that she wants to return home in time for Christmas, but this upsets Lucy. After Lucy is recovered from a storm drain, she suffers from hysterical blindness and Ruth agrees to stay and look after her.

Ruth explains that she will leave once Lucy's sight returns, but Paul is adamant that Ruth needs to leave. Ruth then decides to leave the following morning, which devastates Lucy, so she agrees to delay her flight.

Lucy's sight returns and though she initially tries to keep it a secret, she tells Ruth, who organises a flight home. Ruth gives Lucy her jewellery box and Lucy gives Ruth her favourite book. Ruth thanks Jim for everything and she leaves. Edna Ramsay , played by Jessica Noad , made her first screen appearance on 2 September Edna follows her husband Dan Syd Conabere to Erinsborough , after she kicks him out for flirting with another woman.

Dan tried to make things up to Edna and the couple were married, before leaving for Brisbane. Edna met Dan Ramsay at a dance, shortly after she left school.

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Edna had feared the marriage would end in divorce and she was proven right a few years later. When Edna caught Dan flirting with another woman she threw him out and he went to stay with Madge and Tom in Erinsborough. Tom contacts Max and he reveals that Edna is staying with him. Madge then invites her mother to Erinsborough and tells her that Dan had gone. Edna is not happy when she find Dan is still in town and Edna orders her daughter to decide who she wants to stay. Madge refuses to choose and Edna and Dan agree to tolerate each other.

Edna ignores him and tells Tom about his new granddaughter instead. Dan brings Helen home and Edna calls her a jezebel, before asking Dan for a divorce. Edna takes up aerobics and tells Madge that she is going to enjoy her life without Dan. Edna chooses to take Clive, which makes Dan furious. Edna has a good time with Clive and she tells him about how things changed between her and Dan. Edna goes to see a divorce lawyer and is shocked when she learns that her marriage had never been legal. Dan refuses to accept any blame, when Edna tells him that it was his fault. Edna accuses him of causing her to live in sin, but asks what they should do next.

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Dan and Edna talk about old times and when Edna suggests they give their marriage another go, Dan dismisses her. Clive comes up with a plan to reunite Dan and Edna, but making them nostalgic for the old days.

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Dan asks Edna to marry him and she agrees. Dan and Edna get married in a small private ceremony and go to Surfer's Paradise for their honeymoon.

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  8. Edna is delighted when Madge finally agrees to marry Harold and just before the wedding, she takes him aside and gives him a warning to take care of her daughter. She then watches Madge and Harold marry. Warren Murphy , played by Ben Mendelsohn , made his first screen appearance on 13 October Within the circle of people I was working with, I was fairly well regarded, in my own way. So no, it was fun and silly, but I didn't look on with shades of green.

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    Warren struggles to get through a study session without drinking a bottle of wine, which does not impress Scott, but Charlene joins in. Warren's father, Ray Norman Yemm , advises him to cut down, but does not appear too concerned.

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    4. Warren spends the night at his father's house and he admits that his mother is not happy about it. Warren also admits that he finds it difficult being caught between his parents. Ray tells Warren not to worry and gives him some money, which Warren spends on wine. A fellow student throws a party, which Warren and Charlene attend together.

      Sue Parker Kate Gorman notices Warren's alcohol problem and she also calls Scott to tell him that Charlene and Warren kissed, causing them to break up.

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      The following day, Charlene has trouble remembering what happened and is surprised when Ray turns up and reveals Warren is unconscious after being beaten up. At the hospital, Charlene admits to the police that cannot remember the night before, which angers Ray. Warren wakes up and explains that while he and Charlene were at a party on Waratah Street, some guys began hassling Charlene and he told them to back off, which they did not like.

      After Warren took Charlene home, the guys attacked him. Warren points out that the situation is not Charlene's fault, but Ray throws her out of the hospital. When Ray collects Warren from the hospital, Warren tells him that he drinks to help him cope with his parent's divorce and the upcoming exams. Ray does not initially take his son seriously, but Warren confesses that he needs to have a few drinks just to get through the day. Both Warren and Ray vow to give up alcohol completely. When Warren learns that Sue has offered to give her boyfriend, Henry Ramsay Craig McLachlan , a false alibi, following his arrest for robbery, he warns her not to.

      He explains that she could lose her job and Sue changes her mind. Sue begins staying at Warren's place and he develops feelings for her. When Sue refuses to move in with Henry, they break up and Sue leaves with Warren. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Zoe Davis. Main article: Madge Bishop. Main article: Mike Young Neighbours. Main article: Clive Gibbons. Main article: Rosemary Daniels. Main article: Charlene Robinson. Main article: Nell Mangel. Main article: Jane Harris Neighbours.

      For the activist, see Susan G. The Sydney Morning Herald. Retrieved 5 April Daily Mirror. Retrieved 15 April TalkTalk Group. Retrieved 4 April The Age. Retrieved 31 May The Guardian. Retrieved 26 April Network Ten. Holy Soap. Retrieved 10 June ATV Today.

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