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Inside a launch pad shether, the shelter moves to expose the launch pad when a rocket is ready to take off. Top Places in Fairbanks Fairbanks, Alaska.

North Americas first frozen mummified remains of an ice age steppe bison, the 36, year-old mummy named "Blue Babe. Added by FridaBird. Mind-blowing carvings and fantasy ice scenes grace the largest year-round ice environment in the world.

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Suggest an Edit. Contributed by m minilaura. Near This Place. Fairbanks, Alaska. A morbid gateway to an Alaskan town prides itself on the hunting history it represents. Added by debthomson. This super-sized statue is the only public memorial to the deal that ended America's neutrality during World War II. Added by jbartlett The sculpture's largest spire points directly toward the North Star.

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Related Places. Astronomers debate how these nebulae got their strange shapes, something that could be revealed as telescopes gather more data on their density, composition and temperature. This image, released on January 28, shows CG4 as it appears in visible light. The thick cloud glows because it is bathed in the light of nearby stars. Unfortunately for the gaping nebula, radiation from those stars is slowly eroding its head, and the object will gradually be eaten into oblivion.

While the U. Northeast was hunkering down under a snowy Nor'easter, a pair of tropical cyclones was pirouetting across the Indian Ocean. The cyclones, dubbed Eunice and Diamondra, were not especially strong and not expected to cause much damage on land. But the striking satellite images offered meteorologists a chance to study their potential for a stormy merger.

When two cyclones get close enough to each other—with less than miles between their centers—they can start to rotate around a common axis in what is known as the Fujiwhara Effect.

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Eventually they can even merge into one mega-storm. This composite image, taken on January 28 by satellites run by Europe and Japan , shows that the eyes of Eunice and Diamondra are separated by miles—too far apart, it turns out, for them to join forces.

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January 25 marked the 11th anniversary of the Mars rover Opportunity , which has been trundling across the red planet gathering clues to its geologic past. Since landing in , Opportunity has driven almost 26 miles and is now exploring the rim of a large impact basin called Endeavour Crater. This scene is part of a panoramic view taken from a raised section of the crater's rim dubbed Cape Tribulation.

To get there, the rover had to climb about feet in elevation—roughly 80 percent the height of the Washington Monument. The image is a false-color composite made to show the differences in the surface materials around the crater.

This view, released on January 28, was snapped from a distance of about 17 miles from the two-lobed comet's center. Somewhere on the comet is the Philae lander, a secondary probe that had a bumpy touchdown on the icy body in November.

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Poker Flat Research Range

Scientists were able to collect data from Philae for a few days before its batteries ran out, but the probe is now silent and its exact whereabouts are unknown. The Rosetta mission team is currently debating whether to send the orbiter to swing closer to the comet and hunt for Philae. There's no guarantee of success, and doing so would spend precious fuel that could otherwise be used for collecting more scientific data. The exoplanet known as Jb gives a whole new meaning to "put a ring on it.

They could see the dip in starlight each time the planet passed in front of its parent star. But in an exoplanet first, the giant world also displayed a ring system akin to the one that decorates Saturn, which the astronomers could see eclipsing the star. New analysis of the data shows that the planet is surrounded by more than 30 rings, and the entire system is times larger than the one around Saturn. In addition, the team can see gaps in the rings, hinting that new moons are being born from their dusty debris.

This illustration shows what the "super Saturn" might look like as its rings eclipse the young star. Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Policy , Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Science Age of Humans. Future of Space Exploration. Human Behavior. Our Planet.

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