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Are they just hype and spin?

There are some junky products out there, but the truth is that many of them are excellent. Their advice can make you lots of money, if you know the success secret:. They want to get out of the cubicle, out of their crummy apartment, out of credit card debt. They might even want it desperately. Write down all the actions you must take to get you to the next step.

Add more actions as you think of them. When the list is a mess, rewrite it. Your system only needs to help you know what to do next. Work every day 7 days a week, no exceptions , even if some days you only have 15 minutes. Working every day will increase your productivity by spurring your unconscious mind to come up with more ideas. This is helpful for entrepreneurs, and critical for content marketers. Make a daily habit of one hour of action on your biggest goal. Ready, Fire, Aim author Michael Masterson recommends an hour of work on your dream goal every morning, as a way to start your day with a terrific rush of productivity.

Not only does it work, it feels great too. You can spend that hour all at once, or divide it into two or three pieces.

The 3.X Monk Database (now with added detail)

Make it work for you. Success is built on lots of small steps. Start taking them. The fact that you have historically been terrible at getting stuff done is not relevant at all. You need to put together a simple, reasonably logical plan. If you want notoriety and attention for its own sake, put together a Paris Hilton sort of plan.

If you want credibility and trust from your customers, make it more of a Copyblogger kind of plan. Fight that kind of thinking as much as you can. So make some room in your plan to partner with someone else. Believe me, that person is out there and wants desperately to work with you. Making too many plans can be the enemy of success secret 1. But put together plans for relatively simple, manageable projects. Keep your project plan in your little notebook. Figure that out, then scale it.

It sounds simplistic and even silly, but it works. Success secrets 1 and 2 can make you a decent living. Your blog posts, free reports and email newsletters all contribute to one goal: to establish you as a trusted authority on your topic. You have a unique set of techniques and approaches to solve those problems. You have a unique set of experiences to put the problems in a fresh light. Share those unique perspectives in your content. If you need more expertise to establish yourself as a credible authority, get out and start asking questions.

Be a reporter. Look for case studies. Look for lessons in your own life. There will always be people — often thousands of people — who know more than you do. Acknowledge that so you stay humble and open.


Then put it to one side and speak up anyway. Nearly everyone will read this, feel inspired for about 45 seconds, then go off to hit Starbucks and check out what the hottie on the 2nd floor is wearing today. Sonia Simone was a founding partner of Copyblogger Media. She works with a select handful of clients on business-building content at Remarkable Communication. Several times a year, she also leads a creative writing workshop for content creators, marketers, and business writers.

You have to know what your main goal is, have a plan to achieve it, and then act on that plan.

6 Motivation Secrets You Can Learn From Buddhist Monks ⋆ Wiseism

Creating success is like any new habit and according to Dr Maltz Psycho-Cybernetics , it takes about 21 days to form that new habit. Absolutely fantastic! I actually do a weekly plan every Sunday. I write down 3 things I would like to accomplish in the following week and evaluate my accomplishments every week. I try to write down simple stuff I can complete.

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For example, I have a business providing online accounting software for small businesses. SEO is very important to the success of the website. I would spend 1 hour a day on SEO, whether it is reading articles and commenting on them or writing my own blog posts and articles. Creating definable, executable goals, achievable one to-do-list item at a time, not only chips away at the larger project, but also provides the continuity and momentum essential to achieving long-term goals.

The notion of defining goals and action items and writing them down which increases our accountability to ourselves for executing those items , then following through in eay-to-digest 15 minute increments, is the perfect recipe for sustainable progress toward any goal. The only thing that stops us is our own thinking — it freezes us from taking real action. Great post! I found that taking to-do lists is worthless unless you have some short, medium and long-term goals.

I highly, highly recommend it to anyone. Another part of that overnight success syndrome, forgetting that all great things begin with a single step…and then another. I am starting to work on my plan tomorrow, Monday the latest… Excellent post. I gotta go write something-I have been injected with Power with this post! So true!

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It may happen fast or be like my project which has taken a year to get a solid picture of. I have to say that Teaching Sells has been a real catalyst for bringing it about, even tho I am still pretty archaic tech-wise. It is coming, one step at a time.

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I know new commers like me will really benefit from this. Stottlemeyer: "A" or "B", Monk? Monk: I think it's "C". Stottlemeyer: "C"? What the hell is "C"? Monk: I don't know yet. Disher: So, what's the plan? Stottlemeyer: Well, you know how they handled the O. We do the opposite. Where are we? Disher: Uh, same as I told you on the phone, sir.

Mass is reasonably sure that she can recognize the assailant's voice. Stottlemeyer: Reasonably sure. Mass] Excuse me, Mrs. Do you listen to country and western music? Wendy Maas: No, I like classical. Stottlemeyer: Okay. Bring him in. Disher: Sir, are you ready for this?

Stottlemeyer: What is this? A game show? Can't you just walk in here and say what you have to say? Disher: The droplets on Willie Nelson's jacket: human blood from the victim. Stottlemeyer: Well, he said that he leaned over the body. Maybe he got the blood on him then.

Disher: What do you think?

Stottlemeyer: Well, I think it's not exactly through the hoop, is it? Stottlemeyer: Forty-eight percent.