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Suitable for experienced footballers, retired players and those keen to give it a try for the first time, walking football is a more relaxed alternative to the original game, designed to help people get fit and stay involved in sport, regardless of age. More info: active. Home to an array of vertical, overhanging and slab walls, The Climbing Lab is a great place to let out your adventurous side and put your strength to the test. There are a variety of classes on offer which cater for a range of abilities, and more than m sq of climbing surface to show off your skills.

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Outdoor fitness Ideal for anyone who hates to exercise alone, these outdoor bootcamps and fitness are group focussed, with emphasis on cardio and resistance exercises to target all of the major muscle groups. More From. City Buzz. How to see out another epic summer in Leeds?

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Offering a taste of the great British countryside pub in the heart […]. The idea of sweating where I sleep to profit some wacko fitness idea sounds less than ideal. Muscle confusion supposedly prevents the body from adapting to exercises over time, resulting in continual improvement without plateaus.

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Unlike CrossFit and boxing fitness, P90X is highly structured. It has detailed daily workouts and diet plans. After all, you have a major goal to achieve, and only 90 days to do it. Each workout day of P90X is dedicated to a particular body area. Specific exercises include variations of traditional gym exercises like pushups, pull-ups, and squats, yoga poses, and even boxing moves.

This is where P90X greatly varies from CrossFit. P90X gives you several variations of one particular exercise, while CrossFit throws in tons of movements you never even knew were exercises. I ended up gaining the most weight from the full P90X program. This was probably due to the extreme muscle-building exercises that did their job and the protein shakes I started consuming. Maybe the strategy is to have him annoy you so much that you work harder in the process.

After investing in 9 months of fitness programs, I decided to give my wallet a rest.

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I was also craving workouts where I could plug in my headphones and not have to pay attention to an instructor. My fitness routine focused on the basics of outdoor endurance runs with several days a week of strength training. I qucikly realized it was possible to borrow from each program I had participated in.

There was more than enough variation to draw from. So which of the four fitness programs was the best? Well, CrossFit is great for learning you can push yourself beyond all boundaries.

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Go to CrossFit. If you have targeted fitness goals that you want to achieve without going to the gym, give p90X a shot. Finally, if you love endurance sports or want to stick to basics, go for a walk or run.

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Just getting outside on a daily basis will do you good. The abundance of fitness options is great for exploring different workouts, both with and without a gym. I mean, who knows? I weirdly loved them, though. I thought of them as mini trophies for all my hard work. The main thing that got me through the beginning of this project was that I could do different pull-up variations. If I had to use the same grip for all pull-ups every day, I definitely would have overworked my muscles and I wouldn't have been able to keep going.

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My alarm would go off every day at 6 a. But then I'd think about the people who were going to read this article, and it weirdly inspired me. I guess I was driven by a fear of public failure. You helped me hold myself accountable, so thank you. I did most of my pull-ups in reps of five for the first few days. On Day 6 I decided to push myself a little more and do everything in reps of six, and surprisingly I was able to do it. Not only had the soreness in my upper body gone away, but I was seeing improvements in my quantity of reps.

I was slowly getting used to all the pull-ups — I went from reps of five to reps of six to reps of seven, and now I was doing everything in reps of eight — and I was also able to add my regular exercises squats, lunges, curls, etc. On Day 9 I took things one step further. I really wanted to test my body's limits, so I did pull-ups and push-ups, just for fun. I broke everything into reps of six and switched back and forth between each exercise. I was definitely getting stronger.

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Working at BuzzFeed is like playing a game of Russian roulette with the snack gods. One day there might be a layer crepe cake for the taking, and another day there's a literal wall of doughnuts. This was not ideal for my healthy lifestyle, and it was a real test of willpower. I probably shed a tear as I walked away from the cheesecake tower and retreated back to my salad. There were only a couple pull-up spots in my whole gym, and I always felt so guilty for using them for long periods of time, especially when it was crowded.

Sometimes I'd get so frustrated when the gym was super busy that I'd just leave and go to a park or use the scaffolding in New York to get my pull-ups in. This actually made the challenge a little more fun because it was a change in scenery. The internet is truly a wild place for better or for worse , but one of my favorite things about Instagram is that people with similar interests to me can join my conversation, and we can help each other grow together. Posting about my pull-up challenge allowed me to open a dialogue with my followers, and I've received a bunch of messages from people who are going through similar fitness journeys and from people who are just getting started.

This creates a support system, and it's honestly gotten me through some of my toughest workouts when I wanted to quit. I was in a BuzzFeed video toward the end of my fitness challenge, and it was the first time I saw my body from a different angle. I was honestly shocked at how big my arms looked. I also felt my shirts getting tighter on me, which I loved. I've had body image issues for my whole life, and they were a big reason why I hated clothes shopping. I got a shirt online a few months ago and was so frustrated because it was way too big on me, but I recently put it on and it actually fit really well, and that was because of the pull-up challenge.

That shirt was proof that I made progress. This time I finished everything in about 50 minutes, which was a shorter amount of time than it took me to complete just the pull-ups on Day 1. The challenge was working. I've researched enough about working out to know that if your body is telling you "no," you should listen to it. I was tired and sick and physically exhausted one day, so I left the gym after doing only 30 pull-ups.

I was embarrassed. At first I felt like I let everyone down, but then I reminded myself that I was still thriving in the challenge. I still hit the a-day goal every other time, and that was nothing to be embarrassed about. Some days there are going to be things that get in the way of my healthy lifestyle.