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I have to say on the whole I loved this book I really only have one reservation which I will come to later.

The characters are well written and complex, from the enigmatic Loren Tallis who holds their fates in her hands to the enamoured mortal Tarameen. Tallis is a creature of fate, her very being tied into what she is destined to do. The question of whether one can ever truly escape their fate is never a simple one and although Tallis believes she has found a way sadly only heartbreak awaits her. The author has created her own world for this battle of powers, each side having its own special abilities. I personally love the descriptions of the Loren dwellings hanging high from cliff edges.

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The romantic notion of this type of dwelling is dispelled as we come to understand the reasons for this isolation and the political dimensions of this world where the few live at the expense of the masses. The battle of power hangs precariously in the balance with Gods, Immortals and Mortals alike happy to betray, manipulate to achieve their own ends.

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It is easy to see the word God and think of an all seeing powerful being watching out over his mortal children. This is far from the case here the gods are self serving politicians using others in a living game of chess to achieve their own ends in an attempt to regain the upper hand in the power struggle.

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The immortals by in large are grasping opportunists not satisfied by having immortality themselves the desire the two words that hold the power of life and death that the Loren guards. Magic has become a means to an end and is more often than not wasted on those who have the gift.

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The mortal Tarameen is an exception to this born of low parentage his natural ability singles him out but this is where my little problem comes in. My only criticism is that this at times feels much more like a second or third book, while some of the questions are resolved I personally would have loved a prequel exploring the bond between the relationship between the Loren and the mortal. That Tarameen is naturally gifted as a sorcerer explains part of why Tallis is drawn to him but I would love to have seen more of the way the bond between them grew. Rating details.

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After entering the giveaway for this book on Goodreads I noticed that the author was willing to provide review copies so I quickly got in contact with her because I was intrigued by the synopsis and boy I am super happy I did, I'm also kicking myself for not picking it up quicker as I have the eBook version I wasn't aware it was a lovely short read at 58 pages. You're probably sat there thinking " This review was first posted on Northern Plunder , if you want to see more reviews please click here.

You're probably sat there thinking "psssh how can a wonderful fantasy story be told in 58 pages" and I'm here to tell you that this book right here does exactly that by being beautifully written, seriously I felt like I was reading poetry! I was a little lost for the first few pages whilst being introduced to the world but soon figured out what was what even with all this long and wacky names, that I'm pretty sure I couldn't pronounce if I tried but it doesn't matter one bit.

I really enjoyed this book specifically due to the fact its was a welcome change of scenery to all the YA I've been reading lately, with some of the characters being immortals it obviously had a much maturer writing style on none of the teenage setting I've been reading so much of lately, it so great.

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The story follows Tallis, an immortal with wings who shows no emotion, whilst her "doomday" fate draws closer and she's fighting which path to go down It's a little difficult to talk about this book and to not give spoilers away because at the end of the day it is a short one and a lot happens so if you don't want any spoilers you should probably look away now, what I do write though I'll try to leave vague-ish.

As mentioned Tallis is brought up to show no emotion for one reason or another but as the day draws closer where she could potentially die she opens up her heart and body to some very strong emotions - love, lust, passion and desire - which in the end turns out to be a very big mistake! The ending was so emotional I felt like my heart had been physically ripped out of my chest and it's a complete cliffhanger, but not in the sense that you expect another book in the sense that Tallis could go in either direction as their is closure for the reader but not Tallis.

Its a little hard to explain, poor Tarameen : Recommend? Its a great read While reading Tallis, I was immediately captivated by M. Rae's style of writing. It is simply impressive! I found myself pausing every couple of paragraphs to absorb what I had just read, since the fantasy world created is full of exceptional detail. From the descriptions of the setting to the intricate storyline, I am in awe at what is included in this novella. There is a prophecy involving herself that she'd rather not see fulfilled. She shows no emotion, b While reading Tallis, I was immediately captivated by M.

What is the point in that? My fate is not my own.

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My destiny is not to seek out the longings of my own heart. I am the Loren. How can I allow myself to love? Rae Now, I didn't know Tallis is the first in a series while I was reading it. I reached the end, and I wanted more. That couldn't be the end!!! I was so ecstatic to learn there will be other books! Read Tallis and delve into an intriguing fantasy world! Mar 30, Kat Why Read rated it liked it Shelves: arc , e-reader. I think this is mainly because this is a fantasy, and I had to gain an understanding for the world or settings before I could pay attention to the plot.

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This was a very short read, yet mid way I found myself liking it more and more. The writing is beautiful; and I can easily at random pick any line form the story to use as an ice breaker in a poetic public speech. This was a forbidden love tale of immortals and ancient secrets. Sadly, it ended too soon.

Jun 20, Debra Anastasia rated it it was amazing. McRae's descriptions are more than worth the price of admission. This kind of story is a pure delight. For a novella, you get quickly and hopelessly addicted to every page. There is something about her writing that drew me in, and I enjoyed reading every word. It was the best thing about the book, in my opinion! Her prose was lush and beautifully descriptive, and the words just seemed to flow and fall right off the page. The stoic gave way to the poet, as the Loren told the Systerian of distant lands and ancient times.

My hand tells me touch, and I can scarcely recall my control before it has drifted away from my side. It is unique, it fits the tone of the novel exceptionally well, and it made the book that much more enjoyable for me to read. Alright, I am going to try and leave the whole prose thing behind for now.

Onto other things! It is packed full of romance, fantasy, betrayal, magic, and so much more.


Tallis, the main character of the story, is one of the few remaining immortals, and she has a wealth of long sought-after magical knowledge that the other immortals would do just about anything to learn. She faces some hard times and difficult dilemmas, but she remains resolute and steadfast through everything.

Overall, she was a brilliant lead, and I cannot wait to read more about her and the future that awaits her in the next book. The only downside to this book is the fact that it is so short, and the only reason I am really saying that is because I want more! Readers, beware, this book ends in a cliffhanger that will leave you craving the next installment in the series. McRae does a wonderful job packing everything into such a short story, and with great characters, an intriguing plot, and lyrical prose, Tallis is a book you should not miss out on!

Apr 16, Ivana rated it liked it Shelves: for-review , blog-tour. I couldn't follow the story and forgot character names.

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Since it's so short 55 pages in pdf , there wasn't much world building or character development, not even much story background. Instead, the reader is given a snippet of the story set right before a turning point. Halfway through, I really started to enjoy it.