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Powerful Kira Murrue Shopping Seeking Strange golden hair man Purchased component, battleship sells out Regains, brand-new blueprint. Production line blueprint manufacturing, strengthening One big wave Military Achievement Points sneaks off Final preparation Inexplicable mission opening By tester Goal option One pile of ornaments Sheryl joins Celestial Being! Team rules Drying in the sun? Continually with salvo! Reporter arrives the additional first chapter, but also owes nine chapters Clue the additional second chapter, but also owes eight chapters Discovered Magius the additional third chapter, but also owes seven chapters Face-to-face Interesting, you unexpectedly are not mankind Painstakingly Magius the additional first chapter, but also owes six chapters It is not I natural the additional second chapter, but also owes five chapters Excited reporter friend Warning, severe Private talk the additional first chapter, but also 4 chapters Cooperation intention the additional second chapter, but also three chapters The third hangar?

Mysterious Kagerou and mysterious capital city Shadow also owes two chapters! Changes into reaction bomb complete fire! Legion, Burning.

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The variants are chaotic! Enters O. Also hidden BOSS? Being driven beyond the limits of forbearance Finally has the pleasant surprise You have strength Different Gendo Ikari Big good person Winning over Offensive Does not comply not to trust about 2 advantages The difficulty is slightly big One-track mind Tetsuya Tsurugi It is not does not think, but does not dare Remote planet Overlord Legion present situation Which the balanced difficulty to?

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Well Done, Juana! There is no page limit, Stephanie :. Aug 03, AM. I'm in, haven't joined a challenge in a while. Just in case. Sep 06, PM. Feb 16, AM. Jul 04, AM. This challenge has been moved to the "Spell Out Challenges" folder. Aug 13, AM. I suspect I'll do badly at this, but want to try anyway!

Good luck Caprice :. Aug 20, PM. Beanboozled Rules:Read a book to spell out each jelly bean. Aug 22, AM.

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Sep 30, AM. Hall of Fame Badges for this challenge have now been awarded to anybody who has completed at this point. However, regardless of how helpful safe mode is, sometimes it can leave us stuck with nowhere to go. Batgirl relieves Batman, again. Omega Supreme in G1. Rhinox from Beast Wars, also a Genius Bruiser and both a tech-head and a spiritual guru. Stay At Synthetic Whale Toxin: A place to catalog amusing anagrams, for media titles and trope titles alike.

By astrotrain. Storm Hawks was a television show made and produced in Canada.

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It almost killed Blackarachnia, but Optimus Prime pulled the Key out, restoring the organics. Megatron stared resignedly at the haiku before changing the last line. They had been sent out to check the perimeter; something kept setting of the perimeter alarm and getting away without being seen. Optimus Prime x Reader where reader is based in the Bayverse movies.

Andrews, is one such person. Chapter 2: Megatron. Arcee seems to know a lot about being a Prime.


The brainchild of Asaph Fipke, the owner and head honcho of the company called Nerd Corps which he created , is the producer of this series. Corius, an ex-Decepticon male seeker who has reoccurring nightmares about his previous abuse from Megatron, wakes in the night stirring his lover. Jack and Arcee were walking through the canyons outside Jasper Nevada on their way back to the Autobot base. You were not normally one to go to parties in the downtown clubs. Proven Winners searches the world to ing you viant flowering annuals perennials and shrubs that deliver the most beautiful garden performance.

Shop all our products at Kroger. The Autobots are Cybertronians from a planet called Cybertron. Optimus Prime - Arcee is one of Optimus' right hand soldiers.

Zodwa Wabantu shows off her rejuvenated B00BS at Durban July

Now before I start,I decided to this because Optimus and the transformers need some more love. Wish you could be mine.

click here Plotless, brutal smut pretty much. She gets into a tight spot with Optimus, only the two of them facing the Decepticons.

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Per your request, he left the door open to allow the rare cool breeze to pass through. It has been a couple weeks since you encountered the Autobots. Catwoman has an itch and Batman won't help. Or almost any Autobot protagonist. However, there is hope Flame Princess, whose name is Phoebe and who is occasionally called FP, is the current ruler of the Fire Kingdom as well as Finn's ex-girlfriend. This was ridiculous… a stupid childish game, and you swore to yourself that if you picked Tony, you were going to kill him.