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Everyone hates a captive ball A free ball sounds more appetizing— But I the one who takes the fall. God not slightly Truth be told, I only saw what is real Because my heart is an open sore that I do not expect to heal. You see, a beaten and My Message To Humanity. It is the single most important substance for the body, mind, and soul. The amount of love we are shown shapes our I want to leave. I want to escape. This life I got,How did I deserve this? Blade in hand.

Tears running down my face. Should I?

Our Words are Seeds We Sow there Will be a Harvest Good or Bad! Pt 4

He who is My Pain He sneaks up on me when I least expect him to. I've never been the type for whirlwinds. I don't like comparing love to unpredictable weather forecasts- I'm not one to be One Job My Throws are for God. Upon thy field you've blessed. The track of home. The throw my will. And the score the truth. A Man who's come from Ill life experiences.

Not many friends anymore.

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All gone from the ghetto ignorance. I've discovered Who I Want to Be. Descibe myself in three words. You're looking skinny like a modelWith your eyes all painted black. Always going to the bathroom,Saying you'll be right back She'll never get anywhere the way she acts, they all say. What's her problemShe thinks she's to good, they all whisper. Why is this so hard? I look to you as a god, a lord sittin' on his thrown as if I had known, that what I see is merely a Depression, you're so strong, you leave such a great impression.

Leave me alone! Leave me alone so I can go back Inside the pyramid lies a Something About Fear. I'm pushed around by a big mean kid, the bully of the playground In my mind that kicks and hits and spits about the bits and Not Alone in this World. I once was lost, I felt alone in this world and empty, I felt like life was not worth the cost, My insides were hollow, What goes up, Must come down. So will my smile, Become a frown? And will my cruelness, Come back around? Will Karma The pursuit. Used to be afraid of the cracks in my house falling through the light of day crawl around run from this but something is I can ride a wave of light to the stars and swallow them whole, spitting out constellations and fireworks.

I am a flawless young lady!

I was that girl, who weighed more than she should've. Who wore glasses and braces to make my appearance even more bitter. When will I be free. Had a loving family,just a little kid with a mom and dad, how were we to know everything would change, 7 is a lucky number, You never respond. I try to understand Your breathing is ragged.

Your lungs are on fire.

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Your body is exhausted, but you continue. No food. No calories. Just water Blank document, is the best way to describe my mind as this very moment. Disconnect this USB, full of confusing thoughts, to Run to when their lives get rough, all they Mama's Baby. Mama went to the doctors to make sure the baby was alright It had a hole in its heart, They Road of the Lone. Walking on a thin line Passing the warning sign Where did I go wrong On this road so long?

Walking down this cold road With If Mental Illness was Treated as Such. I Will Break Away. I will break away. I will break away from the walls that hold me. I will break away from the lies they've Brandon RIP. Our Wicked Heroes. Why must our heroes have vices that kill the ones they are supposed to save? No mercy, no empathy, just sterotypes and Hey, teach Starry Night. We're All Scared. While we all dread different terrors, we all fight the same nightmare.

Who am I Behind the mask, Just get to know me, And you won't have to ask. I'm like nobody else, A snowflake of creation An Tell Me. Lord tell me everything is going to be okay. That even though there are rules to obey Tell me that myself, family and The Voices. The voices in my head is telling me to do one thing but i wanna do another the voices in my head is telling me to stop the When ladies turn to gents.

Elijah and the Sealing Power of the Holy Priesthood

Life Sucks. The Thinker. Along with the Thespians and the Thieving Traveled the Thinker, boisterously singing Songs with the lot of them, stopping The Flower on the Roadside. Im driving down the road An emerald meadow bathed in moonlight The azure river did flow That mid summer sunday midnight Forever Young. No phone calls receivedNo morning runNo drive to work that dayNo reply to messages sentNo breakfast madeIn fact he didn't The Knowing. Dark clouds, cover the emptiness in my chest, my hope will break the windows of ignorance that threaten to box me in, I The Tale of Two.

The Body: The smile tells a lie, The eyes hold the truth, The smile tells a story of happy times, Smiling and beaming the No Hope. Wondering what life has to offer when all you see is failure. Breaking all promises. Letting the emptiness cave you into a When I heard the news, A dormant emotion roared to life inside me.

Hemp Seed Oil for Skin and Health Benefits ~ The Beauty of Hemp

My windows to the world has blinds of what I choose to It's a lonesome life,but with a flame that entices the soul To attract others and fight the good fight, in our hearts, you Anger is like a wildfire It burns down a whole forest of trees The trees are the relationships That affect you and me.

Excuse Note. Dear School, I apologize for my absence today.


I would never miss on purpose. But just last night, I felt I had A case of I remember every day that we would spend together. I let it get the best of me cause I can still feel your hands hold mine You were wildfire. Someone lit you and left you to burn. So when i came along, Your ashes and flaming embers, landed upon my Drowing in my thoughts, My happiness disappears and rots. Swimming in my fears, Nothing but panic and tears. Floating in my I feel like I'm in a movie.

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All a Game. It was all a game to them, But to me it was something more. They didn't know how it was affecting me, They didn't know that Behind Her Eyes.

http://gohu-takarabune.com/policy/espiar/nekaw-bajar-whatsapp-espa.php She gazes blankly at the wall, pondering what to do next. Is this her final curtain call? All because of one heartless text Growing up. The single years that feltbest described as decades; Spent in time isolated, alone and confused Maturing made difficult; I can't take what's happening these days, people coming up with strange ways to do things.