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R29 Original Series

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Most Viewed Stories. Yesterday at p. Of course, it may have all been a show, a long con, but her continued efforts to get him to hang out with her suggest she has some feeling toward him. Ever the survivor, Konstantin made his way out of that scrape by way of a log to head and a powerboat away from the scene. But during the season 1 finale, his luck ran out when Villanelle shot him in a tea room full of people. Carolyn told Eve and Kenny that he died.

Did she lie, or was she misinformed? Carolyn also revealed her own past with Konstantin, when he was her source many years ago in a plutonium plot, for which Vlad their other Russian contact took the fall. They had a… close relationship, as did Carolyn and Vlad.

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Poor Kenny found some old love letters from Konstantin in the s and was never the same. Any bets as to which weird Russian might be his dad?

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Killing Eve season 2 ending explained: What happens to Villanelle?

Now, with the Ghost captured, will Eve refocus her attention on Villanelle? Read on to find out….

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We start off with a very Villanelle murder. On brand, right?

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She gives him nothing, so Eve goes back into the questioning room to try a different tactic. So, Eve comes up with a brilliant idea to introduce Villanelle and the Ghost because she has an inkling Villanelle can get her to talk. How does she intend to introduce them? Oh, by putting a hit out on herself and making sure Villanelle is the one who gets the job.

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The rest of her team is aligned in thinking this is a terrible idea, not to mention dangerous. A psychopath expert arrives just then to give them a presentation. Afterward we learn the man is actually working for Carolyn to gauge if Eve can continue to work on the Ghost and Villanelle cases.

This is a no go. But her face tells us trouble is brewing. That evening, she orders a single glass of Champagne to her room and asks the bellman to stroke her hair. Meanwhile in London, Eve and Niko make plans to have Indian food for dinner.

Codename Villanelle by Luke Jennings - NB

He tells her he has to go out of town for a few days to chaperone a spelling bee at Oxford turns out Carolyn orchestrated it. Then, the doorbell rings and Eve finds a large floral arrangement that spells out her name.

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So, she asks Niko if he wants to go upstairs to you-know-what. But before she leaves the building, Kenny Sean Delaney pulls her aside and gives it to her straight. Eve leaves the office and gets to the tube. She knows Kenny is right. Villanelle rings the doorbell and tells Eve not to do anything stupid. Villanelle says she should be more afraid of her given the fact that Eve stabbed her the last time they were together.