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Every child deserves the opportunity to experience its benefits.

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We need joy, empathy and hope on this planet more than ever, and depriving children of the opportunity to develop musical skills is to set ourselves up for a fall. Despite the many brilliant schemes and initiatives to encourage young musicians Every Child a Musician, Awards for Young Musicians and Sistema, to name but a few , we are reaching a crisis point.

Why Music Matters

We are in danger of crushing creativity, innovation and expression. Learning an instrument can teach and develop so many fundamental life skills. It promotes discipline, empathy, determination and cooperation as well as providing a sense of community and worth. Music has changed my life.

Listening to your favorite music combats the body's response to stress.

I have often shared with them the importance of music education. I am passionate about quality universal music education in our schools. My fb friends probably get bored of me sharing links to e-petitions and research! I am fortunate to work as a music specialist in an English Primary School with an incredibly supportive heat teacher — she gets it. I think I should find a way of including some of these statements in my covering flyer, too! Thank you for this timely post!

Why Music Matters

I have been mulling over the idea of a newsletter since the last webinar — and coming around to the idea of doing one — and this gives some ideal content to include. Your email address will not be published. The Name , Email and Comment fields are required. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Does music help develop language skills?

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Can music help promote emotional wellbeing? Will my child feel a sense of achievement?

How does music stimulate creativity Learning to play an instrument stimulates the creative sensors in the brain. Playing music enables children to express and understand their feelings. Share this post. Popular Recent.

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